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Q. What network doe the MiNi02-LTE-M currently come with ?
A. LTE-M supports both the AT&T and Verizon* networks.

Q. Why do I have to turn on Opening and Closing reports in my panel?
A. Opening and Closing reports tell your remote app, RControl, the status change of your panel. The Open/Close signals must be enabled every time you want to allow remote Arming/Disarming. Once the device is synched with the RControl App you can disable the Open/Close reporting if needed.

Q. Can I adapt the GSM for listen in?
A. No, this GSM is a data only device.

Q. Can I install this on a self contained 9 volt system.
A. No, currently this device runs on 12 VDC. However, you can use a separate 12 VDC power supply.

Q. How do I know I have good signal strength.
A. If your red light is on solid, your signal strength is good.

Q. I have had trouble getting a key switch to work.
A. Some panels require the key-switch zone to be used with a resistor. Strap your resistor across COM and your zone. Put your orange wire on the zone.

Q. My DSC-PC1832 isn’t sending signals.
A. The DSC-PC1832 does not have automatic Contact ID signals. You must manually program the Contact ID for all the reporting zones that you want. There is a Contact ID manual on the programming page.

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